Stromba Hubei 10mg (stanozolol) 50 tabs



stanozolol 10mg


Stromba is a steroid which is based in water and the substance Stanozolol. Due its short ester its taken 2-3 times a week. It has a low androgen effect and is therefore very harmless. Stanozolol is one of the most popular compounds, after Deca and Dianabol comes Winstrol. Winstrol is available in both oral and liquid form. Orals should be taken every day and injection every other day. The injection form gives better results at the same doses because the oral version breaks down some of the liver. But the tablets has the advantage that you don’t have to inject every other day. The recommended use of Winstrol is 8 weeks, longer than that makes no sense. Winstrol hs no estrogenic side effects and cause that you don’t need to worry about getting “bitch tits” and water retention. Winstrol is most used for maintain muscle mass and definition and also for increase strength.

The active substance in Stromba is Stanozolol. Its very popular steroid as for use of weight loss and defination because it doesnt produce huge weight gains, reverses some of the bloated look of testosterone and replaces it with a dry look and is also used for muscle building before competitions in weight lifting and running. Winstrol has been avaible on the market since 1962. Ben Johnson got busted for doping using Winstrol after the gold in the 100 meter finals in the Olympics. Stanozolol is a man made steroid and is similar to testosterone in many ways.

Stromba is avaible in both injectable and oral form. Both injectable and tablet winstrols contain the same substance( Stanozolol ). And it doesnt come like a suprise that this steroid is Brad Pitt favourite. But as all injectable steroids the injectable stanozolol produce better anabolic effect and has less side effects than tablet Stanozolol and therefore more recommended. But the injectable form can cause pain at the injection site.
The half-life of Winstrol is 8 hours. But can be found in the body up to three weeks after administration of tablets or 9 weeks for injections.

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