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Prohormones for bulking – Offering you to acquire a muscular physique rapidly

Prohormones for bulking – Offering you to acquire a muscular physique rapidly

When watching any bodybuilding show on television, our eyeballs automatically get attracted to the muscular physique of the bodybuilders. Their size and strength leave a number of individuals eager to know how they have gained these strong and big muscles. And, some people feel an interest in gaining a physique like them. If you are also striving to acquire a muscular body, then it’s the best option for you to make the consumption of prohormones. Yes, the effectiveness of prohormones in bulking is truly considerable.

Want to know about those prohormones which are the perfect options for bulking? In this article, the answer to your query is given. But, prior to knowing about those supplements, it’s important for you to know what prohormones are. Go through the following passages and acquire information regarding this matter.

What are prohormones?

In the world of fitness, prohormone is not an uncommon compound. As the benefits that the consumption of these substances offers are lucrative for a bodybuilder and athlete, they show interest in using these substances. But, not all of them know what actually prohormones are. For them, the subsequent passage will be worth reading.

Well, prohormones are the compounds which get converted to anabolic hormones in the body via an enzymatic process. To speak in a simpler way, prohormones are not the synthetic form of hormones, like the man-made version of testosterone and other anabolic supplements. However, the consumption of some of these substances is highly effective in helping an individual to gain mass. Go through the following passages and know about the best prohormones which are the best to be used for bulking.

The best prohormones for bulking

There are several prohormones that are effective for bulking. Here, we are going to make a discussion on two of the most effective prohormones among them.


Methylstenbolone is a prohormone that has gained huge popularity among people who are associated with the field of sports and bodybuilding. When it comes to the requirement of gaining strength, size, and muscle mass, it can be considered as the best option to make the consumption of Methylstenbolone. Users of this substance have the experience to gain 25 pounds within 4 weeks with the consumption of this compound. Moreover, with the use of this compound, the chance of retaining too much water is minimal. People can consider consuming it confidently without getting worried about being noticed as a consumer of bodybuilding agent.

The effectiveness of this substance in boosting the level of strength of users has made it a good choice for sports personalities. With a 12mg dosage of this substance for a 4-week cycle, it’s possible to gain 15 – 20 pounds of lean muscle. However, it’s advised to follow up the cycle of Methylstenbolone with a proper post cycle therapy. If you consider running a proper PCT, the side effects associated with the consumption of this substance will be mitigated. The side effects of consuming this compound include a drop libido, dry joints, accelerated hair loss, headache, and aggression. Consuming this product at proper dosage and running PCT can prevent a user from facing these complications.


Dimethazine is also a popular prohormone that helps people in gaining lean muscle and a vascular physique. The half-life of it lies between 10 and 16 hours. And, the androgenic rating of this substance is about 10 times more than that of Testosterone. People who have used this substance reported gaining 20 pounds within a period of 5 weeks.

If you consider consuming this substance by maintaining proper dosage, then it will be possible for you to build dry full muscles. Also, the consumption of it is effective in boosting vascularity and improving the overall muscle endurance and strength. In a bulking cycle, this substance helps an individual to gain 16 pounds of lean muscle. However, there are some side effects associated with the consumption of this substance. Individuals using this substance can experience liver-related problems and accelerated hair loss. In order to avoid these side effects, all users of this substance are advised to consume it by maintaining proper dosage and run a proper post cycle therapy.

Further information

Before buying prohormones, individuals are advised to make sure that they have understood the perfect dosage for their bodybuilding needs. In order to increase the efficiency of prohormones and get the best result out of the consumption of this substance, it’s advised to stack the prohormone with other bodybuilding agents. Moreover, all the users of prohormones are advised to pay attention to PCT.

The prohormone that will suit your requirement the best may not be the effective one for another individual. Also, the dosage that is suitable for you may not be the best dosage for an individual who has the same requirement like you as the dosage dependents on the age and physical condition of an individual.

Hopefully, all the readers of this article will consume prohormones for bulking properly and acquire the physique as per their requirement within a very short period of time.


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