A step by step guide on how to inject anabolic steroids.

It's pretty funny the amount of questions you hear about how to inject steroids. Some of the most unbelievable stories you would ever hear. This is why I felt it was important to have this chapter in the book. People injecting steroids like its heroin, right into the vein! Or even more unbelievable, I've heard stories of guys injecting HOG right into their scrotum because they want to stimulate their balls to produce more testosterone NOW! Trust me, this wont do anything but put you in the hospital.

For the most part anabolic steroids are injected using the IM (intramuscular) method. Typically, a large muscle, such as the gluteus muscle, is used so that pain is minimal and circulation of that steroid is more widespread. Much controversy exists about the site of injection, and whether it's important or unimportant. In my estimation, it's less about whether one site is better than the other for delivery, and more about whether site injections are at all effective in creating specificity of growth in that area. I'll go into that more later.

Needle Size
The gauge of a needle is its size in diameter (around). Depending upon what you're taking, you'll either choose a smaller or larger needle to get the job done. It'ss impossible to use just one size needle for everything because oil and water-based injections require different sizes. So, unless you always take Winstrol Depot and Testosterone Suspension, you're probably going to need a larger needle for your oil-based injections, like Deca and Primobolan Depot. But here's the trick: The higher the number, the smaller the needle. A 22 gauge needle is smaller than a 17 gauge needle. Might I say, I don't know if anyone uses a 17 gauge needle because it's huge, but it's just an example.
For drugs like Winstrol V (water based compounds with larger particles), and most oil-based drugs, use a 22-23 gauge needle to accommodate the solids.

For drugs like Winstrol Depot, with a finer grade of particle, you can jump up to a 25 gauge needle.

For insulin injections, site injections using fine particle water-based drugs, use as high as a 27 or 28 gauge needle. These are insulin needles, by classification, and are the best as far as pain goes.

Needle Length
Needles come in various lengths. Some veterinary needles come in 22 lengths, but unless you're very fat, you won't want to use something that plunges into the muscle quite that deep. Which brings me to the point of this chapter's you choose a needle length based on two things: Size of muscle group and amount of subcutaneous fat you must go through in order to reach a reasonable depth within the muscle. Generally, because the glute muscle is a larger muscle group, you'll most often want to use it for injections, It can handle larger particles, multi-drug dosing and a 1.5 needle. If you're in the off-season, use a 1 to 1.5cm needle to go through the fat you're carrying between competitions. Gradually decrease the length the leaner you get.

Multi-drug Dosing
Sometimes people stack their oil-based drugs in one syringe to avoid multiple injections on a given day. If you want to do that you'll need to use a needle that has a larger gauge and a larger ml capacity. I recommend using actual veterinary syringes with your chosen gauge attached. This will allow you to load up with a larger than 3ml capacity, as with a standard human syringe. A veterinary syringe holds twice as much. Many people don't know how to get these, but they can be obtained through veterinary catalogs quite easily, or on veterinary wholesale sites online. You should be careful when you have needles in your possession though, even if they are for Vet uses. Some states require you get a prescription before you can possess needles and some states have needle exchange programs (NEP's) that you can participate in anonymously. The laws aren't all that clear about whether having them in your possession is legal or not in most cases. You will have to check the laws in your state to be sure, and even then you should be very careful. A lot of times they say that possessing a needle is legal, but then when you are caught, they confiscate it and test for drugs that are inside it. All they have to do is have probable cause to bust you and if they see a needle, they have probable cause.

Location of Injections
Glute Injections:
The best way to locate the correct place for dosing is to find the upper outer quadrant (section) of the butt cheek you are injecting into. Inject only into the upper outer area of the quadrant - which muscle you actually inject into is less significant. It is important to avoid the other quadrants because they can be very sensitive to needle injection and there is a chance to hit large veins and/or nerves.

Thigh Injections:
The injection spot is generally located on the front outside area of the thigh between one hand's width above the knee and one hand's width below the hip joint. The injection should go into the thick area of the large muscle to be sure to stay away from any bone.

Deltoid Iniection:
Insert the needle at a 90-degree angle, or slightly angled up, into the middle of the deltoid muscle. This is approximately 2-4 finger-widths below the bony end of your shoulder bone and forms a triangle when you look at it from the side.

How to Inject Steroids
Rules for Safe and Effective Shots the First Time!

1) Set up:

a. Check the drug for expiration dates. The dates on the box and the bottle label must match. By the way, you can inject steroids long after their expiration date, but the older it is the less potent it will be.

b. Double check that the drug is the right amount and strength. Always Use a syringe with a volume of twice the required amount of drug or solution and add the needle. If you are injecting 50cc, use at least a 100cc needle.

c. Everything must be kept 100% sterile. Wash your hands and use a cotton swab to disinfect the area of the injection and the top of the vial. Don't touch anything with the unprotected needle and don't ever use previously used needle, even if it was you that used it before.

2) Fill up the syringe:

a. Use a syringe with a volume of twice the required amount of drug or solution and add the needle
b. Suck up as much air as the amount of steroid needed (see Figure 1)
c. Insert needle into (top of) vial and turn upside-down. Only plunge the needle into rubber stopper once. More than that will dull your needle!
d. Pump the air into vial (creating pressure) (see Figure 2)
e. Pull the plunger back to aspirate (suck in) the required amount of solution and 0.1 ml extra. Make sure the tip of the needle is below the fluid surface so you don't get any air into the body of the syringe (see Figure 3)
f. Pull the needle out of the vial
g. Remove possible air from the syringe by slowly pushing in the plunger being careful not to waste any of the drug
h. If you are aspirating from an ampoule,
i. Flick the substance down
ii. File around the neck of the amp (see Figure 4)
iii. Protect your fingers with gauze and be careful not to cut
yourself or spill any of the drug, snap the top off.
iv. Then aspirate as above (without turning it upside down of

3) Injection:

a. Locate the area you're going to inject (always into the body of the muscle)
i. Top outer area of your glute (see Figure 5)
ii. Out side area of your upper quad (see Figure 6)
b. Disinfect the skin with alcohol
c. Relax the muscle and Pump yourself up and get ready!
d. Insert the needle quickly at a 90 degree angle (straight in) Be careful not to go too deep, only about 1/2 way.
e. Aspirate to check if you are on a vein. If you see blood entering the syringe you will need to pull out and try again. (see Figure 8a-8b)
f. Inject slowly! This is usually not a problem since it hurts to go fast.
g. Hold the plunger down and withdraw the needle. Press on the site with some sterile cotton.
h. Give yourself a High 5!
i. Always look for irritation, redness, or excessive bleeding. If you are going to have a problem you will usually know pretty quick.

Site Injections
And Other Site Enhancement Techniques

Site injections are slightly different than general injections. They are the same intramuscular injection, but are specifically targeted to smaller lagging body parts like the deltoids, calves, bicep, triceps, etc.

In general, it's my stance that you can inject a steroid anywhere and it will eventually spread out and reach all receptors in your body. However, if I were to speak specifically, I would tell you that any injection would not reach the bloodstream and the rest of your body as rapidly from a small muscle group as opposed to a large one. This is the precise reason why those who advocate site injections (with steroids) say the injections into smaller muscle groups actually work. Because the anabolic/androgenic agent pools in that area and the benefits of the injection are longer lasting by virtue of extended exposure. Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways, and that's exactly what people want. If you assume that site injections work, then you can't expect to get any kind of true overall benefit from those particular injections you place in general, large muscle groups. It's either one or the other, at least where steroidal compounds are concerned.

There are, however, some non-steroicial alternatives that have a higher potential to increase actual site-specific size. Not necessarily by producing more muscle growth, but instead by inflaming the muscle tissue to look bigger. Site Enhancement Oils are what they are typically called and they can truly add some good size when used correctly. Some of them even contain silica (silicone) that, essentially, binds to the muscle fiber, acting like a tiny implant. Most guys that use them inject 2-3cc's - 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. The concept of site injections has a lot of holes in it when you are talking about steroids specifically. Like I said before, when you inject a steroid, it eventually gets distributed throughout your body, whether you inject into your bicep or your glute. But site-enhancement oils aren't steroids, and they don't work the same way either.

Other non-steroidal site-injectable compounds like Nolotil, are really inflammatory meds used to purposefully enlarge body tissue, for whatever the reason. I have heard, from some reputable sources, that this stuff is the BOMB! Just pump 3-5m1 of this into your bicep and you are certain to gain up to 3 inches in size, almost immediately! Temporarily of course, but unlike most site injection compounds, that seem to smooth you out, I've been told it makes your muscle even harder and more vascular looking. Who knows?

One thing is for sure. I do believe in the Muscle Memory's theory and that by adding site-enhancing oils to your muscle, and inflaming the size of the fibers, you are, in a way, stimulating growth. Its kind of like stretching out a balloon before you blow air into it; If you don't stretch it out some, it is a little bit harder to blow the air in.

If you insist on trying site-injections, and I totally understand if you do, (nothing is more frustrating than a lagging body part) there is something you should know. I'm not convinced that site injections work all the time, or with all drugs. There are a great many variables in that equation. I just know that I've seen guys inject into smaller muscle groups and experience difficulty, depending upon the method of delivery of the drug (oil or water) and the specific drug itself. And when they haven't experienced a difficulty of some kind, they usually don't see much benefit considering the risk they are taking. The other problem with site injections is that by virtue of the fact that less space is available, the opportunity for finding multiple needle entry sites is lower than with large muscle groups. That means that soreness in the area is more apt to cause problems with training and recovery. If you're constantly injecting all your drugs into your biceps, for example, the discomfort of soreness could diminish training.

I would also like to mention that site injections are dangerous. Because most of us aren't medical personnel, and even medical personnel don't self-inject drugs, it's difficult to know where veins and blood vessels are in limbs and smaller body parts. Hitting a vein can be serious and cause everything from the death of the vein to an infected abscess. In the worst cases, this can mean tissue death and irrevocable damage to muscle tissue. ft's just safer to inject in the area of the glutes; there are fewer veins to hit and the tissue is deeper. I have personally seen guys temporarily lose the feeling in their hands and arms when injecting into their biceps. And I have heard of guys going numb in their back, shoulders, and neck from deltoid injections.

The latest generation of site-enhancement ideas is the transdermal application of steroids using DMSO, a substance that will pretty much carry any compound right through your skin. I guess people are getting tired of injections. Mix up icc of DMSO, 1cc Winstrol Depot (50mg), 2cc of 100mg/mi Test Suspension (200mg) and icc of injectable Vitamin B12. Rub it in, using rubber gloves, for about 60 seconds - directly into the targeted muscle group - immediately after training it. If you did arms, for instance, you'll have to split it up so you get 1/2 on each arm. Some people even do another 1-2 supersets to failure right after they apply it to really take advantage of it. This is a great way to train because the DMSO also acts as an anti-inflammatory so it helps get you through that one last set.

My advice? Stay away from injecting into smaller body parts, especially limbs. Step up training instead and overhaul your current steroid cycle to make it the most effective for what you're trying to do. Site injections sound awesome, but honestly guys don't rely on them. Stick to the transdermal formula or don't do it at all. Injecting seems like the quick and easy way to grow but it really isn't. It's just a temporary fix for a much bigger problem.