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Follow Testosterone Cycle to Get A Well-Built Physique

Follow Testosterone Cycle to Get A Well-Built Physique

Testosterone is a hormone that is originated in testicles for men. For women, it takes place in the ovaries and adrenal glands. It is an essential property to develop masculine characteristics. The production of testosterone increases up to 30 times during early adulthood. It plays an important role in enhancing verbal memory and thinking capability.

How can a proper testosterone cycle facilitate you in bodybuilding?

Go through the points mentioned below to learn more about testosterone and its effects on bodybuilders. They are:

Less fat and more musclestestosterone is important to control weight and increase stamina by maintaining leaner body mass. If you follow proper testosterone cycle, it helps you to enhance muscle size and strength by decreasing body fat. You will experience a massive change while follow the testosterone cycle along with regular exercise.

Strengthen bones- as year passes, your testosterone level decreases effectively. It plays an essential role in increasing bone mineral density in your body. It strengthens your bones that support your muscles so you can perform a physical activity for a longer time. So, what keeps you waiting!!! Consult an expert to maintain testosterone cycle properly.

Red blood cell production-testosterone can help to produce red blood cells through bone marrow. More blood cells can help in more oxygen transportation responsible for increasing stamina and energy. So, you can undertake heavy workout often and or a longer span.

Nitrogen retention- it can help to create a proper balance of nitrogen in your muscles that can keep more nitrogen into muscle cells. It is essential to increase muscle size and repair damage muscle tissue. It repairs your muscle tissue that gets damage after undertaking a heavy workout at the gym.

Boosts protein synthesis- protein is the building block of muscle tissues. Using testosterone can help you increase the rate of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis speeds up the muscle growth essential for athletes or bodybuilders. So, don’t think so much!!! Buy testosterone supplement from a reputable online steroid store.

Testosterone cycle for bodybuilders

If you want to get the above advantages by using testosterone for bodybuilding, you must follow the testosterone cycle mentioned below. Consult to an expert while taking this steroid because it contains different dosages of different stages.

Beginner cycle- Cycle length will be of 4 weeks. You should take it 50 mg to 100 mg each day. Do not take over 350 mg to 700 mg in a week. High dosage can affect health issues.

Intermediate cycle- The intermediate cycle length is 14 weeks. Within weeks 1 to 12, you can take 500 mg per week.

Advanced cycle- it is a 6 weeks cycle length. The dosage should be 100 mg to 200 mg per day but not over 1400 mg in a week.

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