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Natural Bodybuilding vs Bodybuilding on Steroids - What to choose?

Natural Bodybuilding vs Bodybuilding on Steroids - What to choose?


It is known to all that natural bodybuilding is a tough task to be performed. And if you are one of those having a thin body then possibly it is a harder task for you. Hours and hours in gyms, countless days in gym, countless year of training – all if not result to the desired result, leaves the person in total depression and dissatisfaction. Many of the bodybuilders, facing such kind of issues, either have quitted gym training or at last resort to anabolic steroid in order to get a quick success. Certain section of beginners is found puzzled while choosing steroids or bodybuilding as their final choice.


Steroid is no new term in the field of bodybuilding of present generation. Now when the bodybuilding sport is hugely popularized throughout the world, the demand of steroid is also going up.  In 1930 steroids were first developed as well as applied on dogs by Germans. Later it was applied on German soldiers as well as prisoners in order to cure them primarily from malnutrition. Later about 1950 it was reported that European and Russian athletes used steroids during their course of training and started to dominate the competition crushing all the previous records.

Kinds of steroids:

In fact there are hundreds of variations of steroids are found naturally, among those anabolic androgenic steroids are much in demand in case of bodybuilding. Even there are many types of anabolic androgenic steroids; a few of them are applied to enhance performance and a few of the rest are used as a treatment for a specific group of patients.  There are at least thirty two types of anabolic androgenic steroids like Oxymetholone, Oxandrolone, Testosterone, Mesterolone etc, taken all over the world

Why taken?

Many reasons are there why steroids are taken by most of the professional bodybuilders. Steroids help to increase muscle mass, improve endurance power, improve lean muscle mass, and to improve the muscle recovery rates. They are also helpful in heightening aggression, and performance in a competition. People use it as a deterrent of ageing process also. But that does not mean that steroid has no harmful effects on human body.

How taken?

One can take steroids by injection or orally. Injectable steroids are of two categories: one is very long lasting and the other is short-lived.  But recently the second option is usually preferred as water soluble injections. According to doctor, the reason behind this preference is the harmful effects of the steroids taken orally.  Recent studies also suggest that a lot of people can be addictive as a result of their long term abuse of steroids.

Side effects:

Although it helps to develop muscle extra-ordinarily, it is associated with some terrible effects too. Liver tumors, cancer, yellowish pigmentation of tissues and skin, fluid retention, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, - are among the widely found major side effects of abusing steroids. Other side effects include kidney tumors; severe acne and shuddering etc. besides, it can result to some gender and age specific side effects. A lot of people report to suffer from baldness, infertility, reduced sperm count, development of breasts, and prostate cancer as major side effects of abusing steroids. In case of women problems like growth of facial hair, male pattern baldness, affecting the menstrual cycle, deepened voice etc. are reported as major side effects.

Despite having so much harmful effects steroids are profoundly used around the world.  And whenever the term “steroid” comes, the images and names of several bodybuilders come up to our mind. What that means steroids and bodybuilding has been closely associated with each other. Since 1950 steroids have been used in bodybuilding sport.  But other than bodybuilding players associated with swimming, rugby, basketball, especially the pro footballers are found to apply steroid in order to heighten their power and performance.  Besides, many adults and young person are being found to use steroids even though they are not associated with bodybuilding.

If you’re at a loss to choose between steroid or natural bodybuilding, we would rather prefer natural bodybuilding without abusing steroids. Complete dependence on the steroids would lead to nothing but to a definite health hazard. Use of steroids must be properly associated with proper diet and stack as suggested by the physician.


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